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"Insights of the Unemployed - The Rules Have Changed"
    A fresh look at some corporate “truisms” and how the current economy and employment
    situations have changed the status quo.
                                                   - posted on My Business Musings

"What’s in a name? Where ‘Best Practice’ & ‘Continuous Improvement’ Collide"
    A comparison of the concepts of Best Practice and Continuous Improvement and view of how
    they work together in an organization.
                                                   - posted on My Business Musings

"How a Form and a Little Ingenuity Led to Organic Collaboration"  
    A case study looking at how the design and implementation of a process and form to approve
    new product concepts and initiate product development resulted in improved collaboration
    between functions in two business units across five states.
                                                   - posted on My Business Musings